Wednesday, September 06, 2006

choices made

There have already been hundreds of debates on various websites and message boards about the motives behind the recent string of Gorilla Biscuits shows. I, for one, got tired of reading them very quickly. I decided that this was different than all those other reunions. This was Gorilla Biscuits. This was a band who recorded songs that had a major impact on my outlook on life and my involvement in the Hardcore scene; songs that I sing along to in my truck on a very regular basis that can lift me out of the worst moods. I wasn’t going to let speculation ruin anything for me: If anyone was going to ruin anything, it would be the band.

I went to see the band play in Atlanta August 29th. The room was insanely hot and packed. Several other bands played, and the crowd reacted well, but we all knew we needed to save our energy. I started getting really excited when I saw the drum kit bearing the GB logo being loaded onto the stage. Finally, the background music was turned off, the band took the stage, and the trumpet intro to New Direction blared over the P.A. Walter hit that classic first chord and the stage dives and finger points began, and didn’t end until they stopped playing over an hour later. I was up front sweating more than I have in my short lifetime for the majority of the set, singing every word. I have never seen a reunited, “legendary” band play with that much passion and energy. Hell, even bands from their era that have stayed together and are still playing regularly (that I’ve witnessed live, at least) couldn’t even come close to touching this kind of intensity. Many bands have tried to rehash their glory days and cash in on their legacy. After seeing that set, you will never be able to convince me that Gorilla Biscuits were doing either of those things. They were doing what a Hardcore band should do: playing the songs they wrote fast and loud, getting their message out there, and having the time of their lives doing it. I know I had the time of mine witnessing it. Thanks to Hunter and Matt at Kill The Peace for making the show happen.

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