Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hello out there. I am going to go ahead and apologize for the lack of photos in this update. I haven't had time to resize any I've taken this month, so they'll come later.

The highlights of the month started out with seeing Tom Waits at the Alabama Theater in Birmingham on the 3rd. This was my third Waits show. The setlist was great and included several surprises I never would have expected to hear. There were hardly any songs repeated from the two times I saw him on the '06 tour. It was damn near perfect. To celebrate Independence Day, we had a BBQ and I wore a goofy Hawaiian shirt. I was supposed to see Waits the following day (5th) again, but due to a misunderstanding on both mine and Kevin's part, I was without a ticket. We didn't figure this out until I got to Birmingham. Whoops. I tried to get at a couple of craigslist people, but didn't have any luck getting a ticket. I was about to just drive home and hang out by myself, but I took a look at Pollstar and found out Boris and Torche were playing The Earl, so I rode with Kevin to ATL and had him drop me off. It was the first time I'd been to a show in East ATL since Avail/American Nightmare on my birthday in 2002. I was bummed to find out that the Echo Lounge was boarded up. I ended up hanging out with several friends and seeing Ryan Chavers of all people, which was random and awesome. Torche was great, but I started feeling like dog shit midway through their set. Kevin came to the venue after Waits was done, but the show was sold out....that fact combined with my getting sick caused us to say "fuck it" and drive back home. I ended up being sick with a fever and general cold symptoms for the next week or so. It sucked. I then helped Eric and Kerri load up their U-Haul prior to their move to Foley. Congrats to Eric G. Mann on the new job.

I was also given both an original X-Swatch and an entire record collection this month. I guess giving my friend Jess a Black Flag shirt that did not fit me was a great idea. Thanks to Jason, Ana, Tommy, and Karma. I spent most of last weekend sorting through records (some total gems, and some heartbreaking pieces that were damaged) before doing the Cold World/Trash Talk/Iron Age tour at Cave 9. It was a blast, but I was exhausted and didn't get to snap any photos.

Other than that, I saw the Dark Knight twice and have done a lot of hanging out in both homes and bars. I have also eaten like no man should eat. This Sunday I have New Lows/I Rise/Sleepwall at Cave 9. This begins a string of shows every weekend in August.


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I remember that Avail/AN show at Echo. Other than getting kicked in the head by the head walkers (do people still do that shit?) it was amazing.