Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Close One

Talk about ups and downs. The 'Bama-LSU game certainly increased my already high stress level on Saturday afternoon. I assume that most people reading this either watched the game or heard a lot about it, so I won't bother with a recap. The way that our team stepped up their performance in overtime was great. Once the pictured interception was made, I knew we were going to stay undefeated. I will be using my lunch break today to purchase a ticket for this weekend's game against Mississippi State. I'll repeat myself again: We cannot let up after such a big win, especially now.

I haven't been feeling inspired to write at all lately. It has been over a month since I last picked up a pen and put it to paper. There's really no explanation other than the fact that I try to make my weekdays go by as fast as possible to make it to the weekend, which always exacts revenge and fades away before I can blink. I think I need yet another change in routine after the cruise I'm going on in January. There has to be something out there that is more fulfilling than the life I currently lead.

Bane played Cave 9 Sunday night. I can still count the ways....

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