Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Get Out Another Blanket

It is getting colder, and I don't like it one bit.

Last Saturday there was a great show at Cave Nine featuring Have Heart, Blacklisted, Ceremony, Let Down, Swamp Thing, Serotonin Gone, and Delusional. The show sold out and was consistently wild. I can tell that working all the time is having an effect on how much I enjoy shows. I certainly hadn't slept enough before this one and it showed. Kids were rushing the door to get in at one point, and I most definitely snapped at them and yelled...not something I normally do. I always thought that patience would get easier as I got older but it looks like that is not the case. There were also quite a few kids who attempted to sneak in by just walking past me or by drawing bogus marks on their hands. What a fucking bummer. I can understand being bummed about having to miss the bands you love, but putting an all ages venue at risk over it? If any of you are reading this, which I doubt, you should take advice from the Beastie Boys and check your head. Scamming your way into a hardcore show is just as bad as stealing from the club and the bands. Why would that even cross your mind? I straight up can't believe that I had to get on the mic and say something about it for the SECOND time in my history as a promoter. Bands from all over the country rave about Cave 9 and the support that our scene gives them while they are on tour. Why fuck with that? I was only able to watch Blacklisted and Have Heart from the side of the stage, and they both killed it. It may have been the best set I have seen BL play...seems like I say that every time I see them, though. Those sets lifted my spirits.

The Alabama Crimson Tide was busy pounding Tennessee's Volunteers as the show went on. The final score was 29-9. Thanks to everybody who sent me texts and kept me updated. That highlight reel might not have been a thing of beauty to the mainstream sports media, but it was exactly the kind of football we need to keep playing. I'll be skipping out on the homecoming festivities for a trip to Foley to see some of my best friends and wish their son a happy 1st birthday. I am looking forward to catching up, seeing the ocean, and eating seafood. All talk in Bama Nation seems to be centered on the LSU game next week, which is a huge mistake. I've been avoiding talk radio the past few days because of this. Obviously, fan talk does not truly matter, I am just always concerned with how much of that our players hear and if it is a factor in how they prepare for the game. Here's hoping that they realize that the team they are playing on Saturday, Arkansas State, has shown that they can put up points and compete.

Recent playlist:
Jenny Lewis - "Acid Tongue"
Beach House - "Self Titled"
Morrissey - Various
Blacklisted - "Heavier Than Heaven..."
Murder City Devils - "In Name And Blood"

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