Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mail Day - 1/27/09

The past 24 hours haven't been great to me. The highlight was coming home from work tonight to find a package from Revelation waiting for me that contained this stuff:

Mouthpiece - "Can't Kill Whats Inside: The Complete Discography" CD
Give Me Back - Issues 3 & 4
Uneven Ground - Issue 3
There's Nothing Like It - Issue 2
Mouthpiece Sticker
Icemen Post Card

The MP Discography is an incredible package all around. I might do a formal review of it soon, but just know that if you're even remotely interested in Straight Edge Hardcore, you need to own this. In addition to complete lyrics and tons of photos, the liner notes also contain a list of every show the band ever played. I've been anticipating this thing for years and it does not disappoint at all.

Rev always seems to have a good amount of Zines stocked when I place orders, which is really convenient since I rarely see bands selling them when they come through Birmingham. I've only skimmed through these four, but they all look like they'll end up being good reads for one reason or another. Zines are an important part of Hardcore and Punk even in the age of the internet. I would be really happy if that aspect of the culture hit an upswing soon, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

I need to stop turning on my computer when I get home from work. I'm in front of one far too much as it is.

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