Monday, September 01, 2008

Atlanta Weekend

Here are some photos from my trip to the Alabama vs. Clemson game in Atlanta.

My dad suggested I try and sell my extra ticket on the road. It almost worked a couple of times, but the flow of traffic ruined my luck.

We were stuck in this for a solid hour.

This is a photo from the karaoke bar we went to Friday night. Their quesadillas were pretty filling and decent in terms of flavor. The College Football and Dragon Con crowd mixed well here. The highlight was a guy dressed as Luke Skywalker singing "Run To The Hills" by Iron Maiden.

Erin and Felicia, BFF's and karaoke superstars.

Jason being drunk and funny.

One of the happy couples.

This is me sitting in a booth at Little Five Pizza. Food was bad, decor was good.

These are kittens a woman was giving away in Little Five. Jess wanted to take one, but since that would not have gone over well at the hotel, she took this picture instead. I figured I would post this for all you cat people out there.

Some views from the Marta station.

View of the Dome as I was walking to the game.

I had a great seat.

The Million Dollar Band along with Clemson's Marching Band.

This was a picture I didn't mean to take, but I think it looks cool.

Chick-Fil-A Mini Blimp cruising the stadium on the Clemson side.

A couple of shots from the game.

Bama Nation celebrating. the Clemson side cleared out.

Final score was 34-10 Bama.

Giving the remaining Tigers a round of Rammer Jammers.

My first time going to The Varsity. I've been to ATL quite a few times in my life and had somehow never hit it up until last night...

...and I loved it, but could have eaten two of these plates.

While in Little Five, I purchased the following LPs: Roberta Flack - "Chapter Two", Rick Nelson - "Garden Party", Jackson Browne - "For Everyman", Bob Dylan - "New Morning" 180 gram reissue, and a Summer Records Anthology Double LP. Other than the bar food, Little Five Pizza (I'll be sticking to Fellini's from now on when I'm in Atlanta) and The Varsity, I also hit up The Vortex. There, I devoured an excellent Jamaican Jerk burger.

This was also my first experience riding the Marta train system. It was fun, and I would like to go back and explore more of the stops next time. The only downside was the major line to the station at the Dome post game. I could have walked back to my hotel two or three times in the amount of time I waited. All of the Clemson fans I ran into were very nice, friendly people both pre and post game. It was a great experience and a sweet victory to start out the season. I hope the Tide continues to play that well and improve the rough spots.

There may be more photos later when I see what ended up on my friends' cameras.

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social self destruction said...

Georgia Dome was incredibly ballin', more ballin' was that Alabama Crimson Tide!