Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Keeping with my personal tradition of being late to the game in terms of all types of technology, I just set up an iGoogle homepage this week. It is seriously great to have my e-mail, calendar, sports and news updates, weather, blog subscriptions, etc. all on one page. I can't believe none of you pointed this out to me earlier! Now if I can just get one of these high tech super phones everyone uses these days....

Alabama played Tulane on Saturday. Aside from the Special Teams, it was a weak effort. The team definitely let the Clemson win go to their heads, which is the exact opposite of what they needed to do with SEC play coming up in just a couple of weeks. I'll take a win despite all that. I did have a good time biking to campus and soaking up the pre-game scene, and had some (always) excellent BBQ from Big Bad Wolves. Here are some photos:

I'll be going to a wedding, the Alabama vs. Western Kentucky game, and a party or two this weekend. Hopefully good times will ensue.

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