Friday, September 19, 2008


Last weekend and this week have flown by. Saturday was great. I had a few close friends over to grill and watch the early games, and then headed over to campus to meet my Dad for the Bama vs. Western Kentucky game. The Tide played very well, as was expected. We had a great time. I also attended my friend Stephen's wedding on Sunday. It was a very nice ceremony, and there was ample food....two thumbs up.

Work has been pretty stressful this week. I wish I was going to Fayetteville tomorrow, but it's supposedly a hell of a drive. A day of football on the couch sounds great right about now. My office is a ghost town and I am more than ready to begin another weekend. Hopefully The Tide will come out strong against Arkansas. A win at an early game always makes Saturday much, much more enjoyable.

I somehow forgot to bring my camera with me at any point last weekend, so if photos pop up from friends, I'll post them here. I'm sure some of you are wondering what I look like in a tie. Ha.

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